Florida Statutes provide many exemptions and land classifications that reduce the taxable value of properties for eligible filers.

Additionally, but not described in the documentation below, are other exemptions based on how a property is used. Some of the more common of these include charitable, religious, scientific, or literary exemptions, educational exemptions, exemptions for non-profit homes for the aged, hospitals and nursing homes, affordable housing exemptions and historic exemptions.

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Don't Risk Losing Your Homestead Benefits!

Your homestead exemption will automatically renew each year so long as you meet the eligibility requirements set forth by Chapter 196, Florida Statutes. Below are three of the most common ways you may inadvertently jeopardize your homestead exemption.

1. Rent your property for more than 30 days per calendar year, for two consecutive years or on January 1.

2. Maintain or obtain an out of state residency based tax exemption, reduction, benefit, credit, etc. This requirement applies to jointly held property by husband and wife even if only one applies for homestead here and the other applies for the out-of-state tax credit. If this applies to you, all out-of-state tax benefit(s) must be cancelled effective January 1 of the year you apply for homestead. If either husband or wife own other Florida property, even individually, only one property can have the homestead exemption.

3. Maintain or obtain a driver's license in any other state. A driver's license is residency based.