Report Property Damage

Our office works diligently to assess property damage that has resulted from a natural disaster or other catastrophic event. Our Field Appraisers are working to assess major property damage in their market areas. If you would like to report significant damage to your property, please follow the steps below to access our online Damage Report.

Please Note: Use of the online reporting tool does not guarantee a direct response by our office. Any information that you provide is strictly supplemental to our damage assessment process and will not be shared with any other agencies. Reporting property damage to our office does not replace the necessity of reporting damage to your insurance company, FEMA, or any other associated entities. If you choose to provide contact information, a representative of the St. Johns County Property Appraiser’s Office may contact you for additional information, if necessary.

1. Find your property using our Simple Search Page.

2. Click the link provided for your property on the Search Results page to Create Damage Report (your property information will automatically populate into the online report)

3. Verify your property details and complete the Description of Damage section. Contact information is optional.

4. Click Submit to complete the request.